Sometimes you create work that you are really proud of…

You want to share these things with the whole world. But then you realize that there is no place where you can put your work so that the whole wide world can see it.

There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. Maybe you are just starting out, you aren’t sure you are ready share your work through an official distribution method.
  2. You sent your work out to people, tried to make it available, but everybody said, “No Thanks.”
  3. Arrangements had been made for the distribution of your work, but they fell through.
  4. You already have shared your work via other means, but those means do not reach The Whole Wide World.
Usually, this is where the story ends. Your hard work ends up lost in an abyss of forgotten projects and lost dreams (or some old hard drive). This really is a shame because you totally accomplished something rad and everybody should know about it!!!!!~
That’s where this new site comes in handy. By sharing your work on The Hard-Drive, your work gets to see the figurative light of day. It will be archived and shared in a place where the whole wide world (www) can see it.

***All of the work from The Hard-Drive will be shared at the Megapolis Festival using the power of micro-transmission. That way, you can confidently say, that your work has, in fact, been broadcast on the radio. It will also remain on The Hard-Drive, a networked space, beyond the festival as well. Who knows, perhaps, you will continue to submit your work even after MEGAPOLIS NYC has drawn to a close?***